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Scott Hoffman
Senior Futures Broker

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“Investors operate with limited funds and intelligence, they do not need to know everything.  As long as they understand something better than others, they have an edge…”  - George Soros

Experience, Professionalism, Insight

As a commodity futures broker, I strive every day to provide my clients with the 3 core traits below. these key service features define my brokerage services, and are at the heart of all my client relationships.

Experience - I have been a futures broker for 30 years. Like many others in this business, I started working on the trading floor as a runner. I was eventually promoted to an office position where I worked directly with a 35-year trading veteran and former chairman of the Chicago Board of Trade. This in-depth training was the foundation of my futures industry education. Over the years, my development as a broker and trader has continued to evolve, always building on new lessons and experiences.

Professionalism - As a graduate of the University of Chicago, a triathlete and marathon runner, I understand the dedication and discipline it takes to be successful. My commitment to professionalism is reflected in every interaction with my clients.

Insight - Over the years, I have spent countless hours researching and studying the markets. along with premium trade execution, I use my extensive knowledge of technical analysis to assist my clients in developing their own trading strategies. I also publish two daily trading newsletters, Swing Traders Insight and “Trade!” or “Fade!”. Lastly, I write articles on trading that I think would be of value to my clients and to the trading public in general.

I encourage you to explore this website and discover more about my brokerage services and trading products. If experience, professionalism and insight are three qualities that you are looking for in a broker, then I am confident that you will be well served as my client.

Scott Hoffman